What do you grab when you get a craving? Is it bread, a cookie, or chips?

Why are there always so many tempting food commercials? Making Us weak and always thinking about Eating!

Personally I feel it is a conspiracy between Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, or maybe it is Medi Fast????

Who knows, and who has the money to feed their hungry pockets... Here is what I would like to suggest, Hire a Personal Chef who can keep the cravings at bay by feeding your Hungry Beast with satisfying good food, not some cardboard microwave meal, or some frozen boxed meal that is shipped to your doorstep, how delicious that sounds:(:(

Even though you may be saying to yourself how can I afford Personal Chef? well start adding up your take out bills, your midnight runs to the grocery store, and your drive thru stops, now we are not even talking about Caribou or Starbucks, that's a whole another $$$ layer..I bet you be surprised how much all those slips add up too, I know I can feed a family of (5) for $500.00 groceries + my fees for labor and menu planning. Can you do that? Probably not, I do all my clients meal shopping, cooking, prep, and delivery and all you do is sit down and Eat It...:):) With all of Us working longer hours, running errands, running our kids to God knows everywhere, where do we find the time to cook a good wholesome meal? So see you do need Me, Divadish Personal Chef Services, you can call me and discuss my rates.


Divadish Personal Chef Services
Chef Gianna E. Ianos