Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is your Garden Biting You?

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As we get into our glorious days of Summer, one thing always puts a Buzz Kill to totally enjoying it,Bugs! 

What can we do? Do we kill off everything that flies in order to get back our yards and our gardens?

Here are some natural ways to keep these flying pests at bay and not hurt or harm our planet, and other good flying creatures and insects.


Instead of using DEET, bases spray products which of course work but are not environmentally safe there are plant based natural alternatives.
The product called PMD is a lemon eucalyptus oil extract that is very effective smells nice and is approved by the CDC and Prevention and it's available products that use these ingredients Repel Lemon Eucalyptus or Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus

Using peppermint soap diluted with hot water and put into a spray bottle will keep these flying pests from making your yard theirs!
You can also use this mix for ant hills at your foundations or sidewalks, destroying there scent hills and making them move onto other not so annoying you areas.

Garden Pests(aphids,white flies,scale )
There is a horticultural oil used by professional landscapers that will not harm your plants but get rid of your pests!
Another way is using a formulated insecticide soap that you spray on the infected plants.
And last but not least a concentrated amount of dish soap diluted in a spray bottle will also help and keep them under control, but please be diligent as this is not as strong as the recommend products.

If in doubt here are the the product words to look for when buying commercial products for your household or yards.

Certified by Organic Materials Institute for use in gardens or households.
Let's all enjoy our Summer a little bit more and our gardens and yards to the fullest.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Divadish Kitchens & Catering

Divadish Kitchens & Catering

Brandy BBQ

Love BBQ? but hate the thick paste that it sometimes tastes like? I have a solution for all of you BBQ Lovers!!!!!!

Divadish loves to do her sauces she serves with meats to be rich yet not so thick they make you gag...:( 

What you need to remember is to thin them with a little liquor...:) Or as I like to suggest Happy liquids:)

Now don't go crazy with this and make it a Alcohol bath party,,,, just adding a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of brandy or rum or wine to your sauces depending on what it is will make your sauce more tasty and even a bit more delicate then it was before. 

The most famous of food houses use all types of liquors to bring out the flavor in your meats, and also tenderizing them too as they cook, this little add in adds flavor and tenderizing all for the same amount , it is like a twofer all rolled up in one shot glass! Such a deal you should get says my Jewish Side I so love a good quote...!
Now all you have to do is pull out that side of beef, pork, or chicken and start adding your regular marinade with a little extra to it and let it sit a bit in this mixture for all of it to take hold and then sear it into the meat and slow cook it in your oven @ 275-325' till it falls apart when pulled with a fork. Now if your mouth isn't watering and your stomach growling then you are either not Alive or your a Vegetarian,,  So Sorry for you..... :(
Here in Minnesota we honor our Cave -Man Ancestry, and then some and I gotta tell you I am glad we do, it makes me smile and also keeps the Dr's away because as my Italian mother is famous for saying and I quote 

" Skinny B_____ches... Die so much Sooner ... ! She has stuck to that witticism since I can remember and she is 89 and going strong, and is by No Means a Skinny B______! So like I always have said cooking is a creative process, not something you throw on a plate and scarf down in two minutes and say okay that's done now, food is a gift to our bodies and should be enjoyed and relished, so go and get that bottle of Booze and do some relishing and a Happy Dance all the way to your kitchens. 

Diva Loves Ya, G.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Spaghetti for Breakfast

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Spaghetti & Peppers

My Italian Mother always says you can eat spaghetti anytime. She's right, because my granddaughter eats it for breakfast, she likes her carbs and her meat. Now I don't always add meat to my sauces sometimes I prefer to use them as bases for other things such as soups, stews and pizzas.

Adding different ingredients to your red sauces adds texture and flavor, creating a whole another level of richness and tasty sauce.
Here are some of the things you can add to make your red sauce POP!!!!!

  • Peppers
  • Black or Green olives
  • Onions (Red or White)
  • Meats( Chicken, Pork, Beef )
  • Wine
  • Brandy
  • Different seasoning combinations ( Ginger, Cardmone, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Red Pepper)
  • Combination meats such as beef & pork or chicken and pork
It is fun and creative to twist things up now and then making your eating experience interesting and flavorful. So the next time you walk into your kitchen look at it as a dinning experience instead ofOMG what the heck am I going to cook for tonight's Dinner?!!!

Always a Diva and cooking  with You in Mind!

Chef Gianna

Friday, June 27, 2014

Divadish Kitchens & Catering

Divadish Kitchens & Catering

Stir Fry
Do you Love veggies? would you like to have more taste to them then just butter?
Well here is another way to enjoy your veggies and add a little zest to it too! Like Mom use to say you have to clean your plate before you can have dessert!

Well with this meal you will be going back for seconds....!

Basic Recipe:

Fresh or Frozen
 Pea Pods
Sweet bell peppers
Dash of Ginger
Dash of Cardamon
Dash of Garlic powder
Cayenne Pepper to taste
Ginger Orange Glaze Sauce 
Cooked Large Shrimp

Take all the above ingredients sliced thinly, add seasonings and mix together till everything is covered well.
Pre-heat heavy skillet add olive oil and then add all the seasoned veggies to it till they are aldente' app. 10-12 minutes.
Then add the shrimp last pour over entire mixture the Ginger/Orange glaze sauce, and stir all together, cook another 5-8 minutes and serve over Jasmine rice or noodles.

This will be one of your go to meals when you are craving Asian but do not want all that Fat and $$$$ to spend when eating out.

Healthy, Fast, and you made it yourself.

Divadish just Loves good food.
See Ya... G.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hormone Meats???

Divadish Kitchens & Catering

Veal Cutlet W/ Seasoned Steamed Broccoli

Hormone -Free Free Range meats are the best tasting meats to purchase when you are looking for your own tables.
What's the difference? Here are just a few to stick in your mouths and chew on for awhile, or maybe not?

  • Chemicals in animals to fatten them up quicker a toxic to them and Us
  • Bht's, Grain fatteners, Locked feeding stations are all forms of inhumane animal holding and atrophies the animals large muscle masses making them release more glucose and other fear based toxins that go into our meat too.

  • Free Range feeding:
  • Allows animal to graze naturally putting on weight as it does.
  • Large open feeding stations allows for herd crazing and not locked grazing
  • This allows the processing of meat to be better tasting, healthier and free from toxic chemicals.
So let me ask you this would you rather eat toxic meats or free range, you be the judge of that I know when I eat meats, fruits, veggies, anything Mother Earth based and grown I look at what I stick in my Body and my Mouth, I hope you will too. 

Divadish cares enjoy your eating and remember Eating is a Lifestyle not a Fast Food Race and it should be treated as a Marathon for Your Life as well to keep your body healthier longer so you can run that Marathon if you want too:)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Carbs Killing our Memory???

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Spinach & Garbanzo Bean Salad
We all Love our Carbs don't we? but what if they were slowing down our Brains? Would we all eat a little better at least?
Good questions and I have some answers for you from a article written by Tait Russell from The Good Health Magazine June 2014 issue.

Fats, not carbohydrates are what's best fore our brains. Not only that but you can loose weight by eating fats, and you get fatter by eating carbs? What!?
Dr. David Permutter a noted neurologist at the Health Center in Naples Fla.  study shows that the hearty grains, sugars, high -carb root vegetables can cause dementia, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression and much more.

This goes back to our Cave -Man days of living off the land and what we harvest ourselves oppose to what we can forage ourselves from the land. Instead we all go to our local  local grocery store shelves and create a feeding frenzy of foods that are not good for us.

About 10,000 years ago our culture turned towards agriculture and our bodies turned to carbohydrates as a major part of the human diet and consumption.
This study says that our body and our brain can get everything it needs from protein, fats, and the right kinds of good carbs, meaning from dark leafy veggies, which gives us antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Since we tend to live in the mind set of hunt-gather theory is that we get fatter when times are plenty and skinnier at times of famine or a bad growing or hunting seasons.It is believed this gene is responsible for obesity and closely tied to diabetes.

This study takes it even further with a test subject of 70 year olds done by Mayo Clinic and written about in the October 2012 Journal of Alzheimer Disease, states that a diet high in carbohydrates in this age group showed a higher risk of cognitive impairment.

So what it all comes down to is this folks next time you go to load your plates up with all that bread and little to No veggies or lean proteins , think about this for one moment and say do I really want my Brain to feel Old Today? Maybe then you can gradually make better choices to feed your Brains and Your Bodies.!Divadish wants all of Us to stay Young & Healthy as we all ease into our Older bodies and we can do it right by
 Eating right as our Lifestyle!!!

Hope this article helps everyone and stay tuned for more helpful information each week @ Divadish food Blog.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Baby Boomer's Defying Aging?

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Caraway /Rye Bread

Were you born between 1945 and 1965? if so you are one of 77 Million Americans we call The Baby Boomer Generation.
We are one of the largest group of built strong adults who are defying all the age restrictions that other generations before us couldn't! How? well let me tell you.

The following information is from a article that was written in my local paper East Side Review, in the 

Here are some tips to stay healthy and active well beyond your years and look better than ever too!

1. Quick exercises
Walking, strength training, participating in a sport, all help our bodies and when you enjoy doing it you are more likely to stick with it. 

2. Nutrient-dense foods
Fresh fruits and vegetables hearty grains, and leaner meats help out bodies fight off diseases.Like Cancer, Heart, Diabetes, Dementia.

3.Select Supplements
Omega -3 fatty acids is still a choice of some specialists, but a diet also rich in this fatty acid is much preferred. Eating Almonds, cold water fish, and dark green leaf veggies is also recommend and more absorbent to your body.

4. Embrace technology
Numerous smartphones, Ipads, tablets, have free apps you can download to track your progress and fitness activity. I would suggest MyFitnessPal, you can go to and download it for free to help you track your progress.

5. Be social
Surrounding yourself with active people, happy people and well adjusted makes you more willing to try new things, stay active, be happy yourself and less stressed!

I hope this all helps everyone and as we all ease into Summer we can find some time for ourselves and